05 August, 2016

Crochet Mini Minion Sling Bag - Free pattern

Heu guys. I am back (after a long time) with another cute and free crochet pattern. I made this one for a client on request to be used by a kid and I love doing this as I am a fan of minion too... Let's dive in and see how to create this mini Minion Sling bag.

Crochet Mini Minion Sling Bag - Free pattern

22 July, 2016

Book Review - Six Degrees : Game of Blogs by BlogAdda.com + a free printable

Hey friends. How have you all been. Today's post is going to be a little different. I’ll be reviewing book from BlogAdda.com called SIX DEGREES – GAME OF BLOGS. I am so happy that I have been chosen by Team BlogAdda for their Book Review Program. This time, the book to be reviewed is completely a different one from what we usually read, you’ll find out in a second why. I have chosen to include this in the post as it is a collaborative effort by bloggers and being a blogger myself, I wanted to support them.


I was, at first sight, intrigued by the title and was pondering over the title how this came to be called so. Another interesting challenge the book had to offer was the quest to find why its named SIX DEGREES. And I might have found the reason and it is up to you guys to get the book, read it and then send your prediction to the email address mentioned. And I'm going to do this right away. I found this so interesting that it kept me committed to the book.

16 June, 2016

Liebster Award for Craftadise and a free printable

Okay. Now this might sound a little interesting and unannounced. So please bare with me and my hyper excitement. (Yeah!!!!) I have been nominated for Liebster Award.. (Yeah again !!! ). Ok. So what is this all about? Liebster Award is a a chain of awards given to a number of bloggers by one blogger and in turn, the nominated bloggers nominate others and the process continues. This is to encourage bloggers and even start-ups to be recognized and to connect with several other amazing bloggers in and outside your niche.

24 May, 2016

Free Crochet pattern: Star Bag

Hello my lovely readers. How have you all been? After quite sometime, I am here to share an awesome and chic crochet bag pattern shared by one of our Guest Post Contributors, Bageshri. The bag is so pretty and perfect for those shimmer parties and functions. Let's see what the talented artisan has created and the detailed procedure of how to make this yourself.